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      Volunteer with Online Today

      When you become an Online Today volunteer you'll be helping people with hearing loss to connect online so they feel less isolated.

      Why volunteer with us?

      When you volunteer with Online Today you'll make a huge difference to the lives of people with hearing loss. But you'll also gain while you give. Some of the benefits of becoming a volunteer with Action on Hearing loss include:

      • training
      • new IT skills
      • connecting with others
      • being a part of your community
      • personal development for your career
      • having fun while making a difference

      What does being an Online Today volunteer involve?

      Being an Online Today volunteer means helping us to deliver basic online skills sessions to groups or individuals with hearing loss.

      You could be assisting our digital skills officer, or running your own one-to-one or group sessions where you could:

      help participants to complete short forms
      provide one-to-one support to participants, as required
      promote the work of Action on Hearing Loss
      teach people to use email, Skype, Facetime and other ways of communicating online.

      What skills do I need?

      We are looking for people who have:

      • a friendly, reliable and approachable manner with lots of patience to help people to learn new skills
      • an interest in technology and a desire to share your knowledge
      • knowledge of, or willingness to learn about, issues affecting people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus.

      Is there any training provided for volunteers?

      Yes. We offer full, on-going training for all volunteers, including a one-day induction programme and further training specific to the volunteering role. Your volunteer co-ordinator will give you regular support, especially in the early stages while you're settling in. You'll also have informal support from other Action on Hearing Loss volunteers as you work together.

      We also offer an OCN accredited course in ‘working with people who are deaf or have hearing loss’.

      What would I be committing to?

      The level of commitment is entirely up to you and is based within your geographical region. An Online Today taster session lasts for two hours. You could assist the trainer with one of these per month – or more, if you want.

      How do I sign up?

      For a volunteer application form please contact us where you live:

      England 01273 840960 (telephone) or email
      029 2033 3034 (telephone) or email
      0141 341 5330 (telephone) or email
      Northern Ireland
      028 9023 9619 (telephone) or email