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      Online Today

      Opening up the digital world for people with hearing loss

      Not everyone has the confidence to go online and use the internet. We can help you make a start, by building skills and confidence and demonstrating why using the internet is a positive thing.

      Online Today can help people learn how to:

      • communicate with family and friends all over the world

      • shop and pay bills online

      • use comparison websites to get the best deals and save money and much more!

      People tell us what they want to learn – and we show them how to do it.

      Online today

      Anyone who wants to learn something new about digital technology and getting online can attend one of our informal, friendly, training sessions.

      When you become an Online Today volunteer you'll be helping people with hearing loss to connect online so they feel less isolated.

      By hosting an Online Today session at your venue, you'll attract more people to your service while helping people with hearing loss in your community to get online.