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      Other types of communication support

      People with hearing loss have different communication requirements depending on their needs and the setting for which support is being booked.

      Sign Supported English (SSE)

      Some people with hearing loss prefer to use SSE, which is a combination of signs from British Sign Language (BSL) with English grammar. It's not a distinct language and the balance of English to BSL signs and features varies according to the linguistic skills and knowledge of the user.

      Sign language interpreters can interpret into and from BSL or SSE, depending on the requirements of the person with hearing loss

      For more information about SSE, contact our Communication services team, using the contact details below.

      Communication support workers

      Communication support workers usually work in educational settings. Their role is to help students who have hearing loss access information and to communicate with others. The support they offer depends on the individual’s needs.

      For more information, see our factsheet Working with a communication support worker

      How do I get the right support?

      Please let us know if you're booking communication support for a group situation where there may be different communication requirements and we will help you find the right support.

      Fill in our booking form, or contact our Communication services team for more information on

      Telephone : 0845 685 8000
      Text Relay : 18001 0845 685 8000
      SMS : 07537 410 086