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      Communication support

      We provide excellent communication support tailored to your communication needs.

      If you have hearing loss or are an employer looking to book communication support, we can help you to find and book the most suitable communication professional available.

      If funding is a concern, we also offer free advice on the government funded Access to Work scheme for people with hearing loss and their employers.

      Read this section to find out about the different types of communication support there are, and why you should book with us.

      If you need more information, contact us on 0845 685 8000 (telephone) or 0845 685 8001 (textphone) or email

      Or, see our leaflet; using communication support.
      Sean Curran

      When you book a registered sign language interpreter through us, we can help you get the right category of professional for your needs.

      If you need to arrange communication support for someone who is deafblind, you probably want to find out about methods of communication and how to book a registered deafblind interpreter.

      If you have hearing loss or are an employer and want to find out more about working with a lipspeaker, we can help you to find the right professional or professionals for your assignment.

      Find out more about working with an STTR – whether you have hearing loss yourself, or are looking to book the service for someone else.

      You may find a notetaker useful if you have hearing loss and need to take notes at school and college while you are also lipreading or watching a sign language interpreter.

      People with hearing loss have different communication requirements depending on their needs and the setting for which support is being booked.

      Booking communication support with Action on Hearing Loss is easy! Book now!

      Find the right product for you

      Our range of products is reviewed by our technical expert, so you can be sure you are buying a quality product to help you stay in the conversation.
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