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      Hearing Progress 2016

      Updated 20 Dec 2017
      Biomedical research
      Download publication (PDF, 1.63MB)

      Our annual report about the research projects we’ve been funding in universities around the world, to speed up the development of treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus.

      Since 1999 our research has sped up the discovery and development of treatments to prevent hearing loss, restore hearing and silence tinnitus.

      We’ve had amazing successes: we helped develop the first cochlear implants and funded breakthrough stem cell research. Now we must turn new discoveries into treatments. That’s why we support world-class research and strive to increase the number of scientists working in the field.

      In this year’s Hearing Progress, we highlight recent triumphs, including breakthroughs in understanding glue ear and otosclerosis, ways to better stimulate the auditory nerve – the key to improving cochlear implants – and establishing the link between tinnitus and ‘hidden hearing loss’.

      We really couldn’t do this without you – our research is entirely funded by donations. We’re excited about our progress, and hope you are too!

      Download publication (PDF, 1.63MB)