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      Friends and family

      It’s well documented that the sooner people address their hearing loss the better. In particular, research has shown that hearing aids are most effective when fitted early as it’s easier to adapt to them at an earlier stage.

      Often hearing loss occurs gradually and so the signs that a loved one may be losing their hearing may be subtle at first. It can be quite easy for the person who has hearing loss to not realise what they are missing out on sounds or find ways of adapting to compensate for what they are missing. The brain that helps us to process sounds and interpret what we are hearing can become less stimulated and overworked which can lead to other tasks like memory and comprehension becoming more troublesome.

      If the hearing loss is not addressed, it can lead to your loved one having difficulty following conversations, feeling left out and isolated. The positive news is that hearing aids help your loved one by enabling them to hear better; hear speech clearer and join in conversations again.

      This section will help you identify the signs of hearing loss and will support you and your loved one in accessing the support they need for their hearing loss and that they receive it early.