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      Putting the Roger Pen to the test

      We partnered with leading hearing-technology company, Phonak, to put the Roger Pen amplified conversation listener to the test. Here are the results...

      There have been huge developments in technology over recent years and it's rare to meet someone who doesn't own a smartphone or tablet. Staying in contact and having access to music and TV while on the go, is easier than ever. So it's great news that hearing aids have kept pace with developments and can connect to your personal devices through wireless technology such as Bluetooth, or a secondary device.

      What is a Roger Pen?

      The Roger Pen transmitter reduces background noise and offers both omni and directional microphone pick up. Simply place it on a table, hold it in your hand or pass it to whoever is speaking. The sound is picked up by any hearing aid equipped with direct audio input, or the Roger MyLink receiver via a loop. The sounds you want to hear are then transmitted directly to your hearing aids. It can be useful in a number of situations, including improved hearing clarity where there is background noise, in a large group or when listening to the TV/radio. It is Bluetooth-compatible.

      Road testing the Roger Pen

      Two volunteers, with different levels of hearing loss, put the Roger Pen through its paces at home, at work and at leisure.  It was tested in variety of situations for just under a month, including cafés/restaurants; one-to-one and group conversations; when outdoors; in meetings; in the car; watching TV; having a conversation when listening to TV/radio in the background; while listening to music and connecting it to other devices. The Roger Pen was used with the MyLink neckloop receiver, worn around the neck. The testers were then asked to complete a short survey on their experiences, related to their level of satisfaction with the product: how easy it was to use and charge; connectivity to other devices; sound clarity and the benefits of using it.

      The verdict

      Both volunteers said that they could hear better using the Roger Pen and were “mostly” or “completely” satisfied with sound clarity and ease of use. One tester connected it to the TV using the audio cable and said: “The benefit was that I could have the TV on very low volume, and not disturb others, but turn up the volume on the MyLink. But I found it strange that everything was amplified and I needed to tune out sounds that weren’t important. I found this tiring after an hour or so and reverted to subtitles only.” She added that the Roger Pen was particularly useful in group gatherings: “I gave it to the person with the softest voice to wear and I could hear her clearly, even in a busy restaurant.” The other user of the Roger Pen was so taken with it that she wanted to buy it after the trial.

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