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      Louder than words accreditation for schools

      Are you fulfilling your obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and making your school, college or university inclusive for staff and students who are deaf or living with hearing loss?

      Young people who are deaf or have hearing loss often experience communication barriers in the classroom. This can have far-reaching consequences, leading to isolation and under-achievement.  

      Hearing loss affects millions of UK employees. Working without proper support can lead to work-related stress and lower productivity.

      Under the Equality Act 2010, education providers are required to address the barriers that prevent equality for disabled people, including those who are deaf or have hearing loss. The Louder than Words™ accreditation can enable your students and staff to reach their full potential.

      What is the Louder than Words™ accreditation?

      Louder than Words™ is a nationally recognised accreditation for organisations striving to offer excellent levels of service and accessibility for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss. Our Louder than Words™ Accredited Partners are listed here.

      Gaining the Louder than Words™ charter mark will help your school, college or university to deliver inclusive and accessible education for pupils with hearing loss. At the same time it can enable employees who are deaf to perform more confidently and effectively.

      Getting accredited

      There are three simple steps to gaining the Louder than Words™ accreditation:

      1. Benchmark

      We will look at your people, your processes and the technology you have in place to gauge how well you are currently supporting students and staff with hearing loss. We will send you a detailed report showing where you already demonstrate good practice and provide you with an action plan for making improvements.

      2. Continued support

      We will offer you continued support to apply the recommendations outlined in the action plan, within an agreed timeframe.

      3. Access auditing and accreditation

      At the end of the agreed timeframe, we will carry out an audit to see if you meet our standards. If you are successful, we will award you the Louder than Words™ charter mark. You can then display a certificate to demonstrate your commitment to improving access for people with hearing loss and you will be registered on our website.

      How long is it valid?

      Our Louder than Words™ accreditation is valid for three years. We invite you to undertake a self-audit every year until the third year, when we ask you to renew your accreditation with us for another three years.

      Cost-effective solutions

      Our access consultants have a wealth of experience in assessing organisations from all sectors. Any changes we recommend will be cost-effective solutions to ensure best practice for students and staff with hearing loss.

      Benefits for your employees

      Training your staff in deaf awareness and communication skills will improve their confidence when teaching pupils who are deaf or have a hearing loss. Increased confidence can lead to greater job satisfaction and better productivity. Going through an accreditation process also has proven benefits for team building, as staff work together to achieve a common goal.

      Why Action on Hearing Loss?

      With more than 100 years' experience, we are the market leader in providing support and services to people with hearing loss. We have helped thousands of organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors become more accessible to people with hearing loss – and some of them have won national awards as a result.

      Find out more

      For more information or to request a benchmark or audit, please contact our Access Solutions team.

      Telephone: 0333 240 5658 (calls welcome using Next Generation Text)