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      Workplace Assessments

      If any of your employees are deaf or have hearing loss, a Workplace Assessment will help them to perform more confidently and effectively. As well as showing good business sense, you’ll also be fulfilling your obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

      The impact of hearing loss at work

      Hearing loss affects millions of UK employees but many people try to hide it. Working without proper support can lead to isolation, work-related stress and lower productivity, as revealed by Unlimited Potential?, our research report into hearing loss in the workplace. Small changes can have a big impact and with the right support in place, employees with hearing loss can reach their full potential.

      What's involved in a Workplace Assessment?

      Assessments are normally carried out at the employee’s main place of work and usually last one to two hours. Ideally, the assessment should take place away from the staff member's workstation. Our assessor will meet with you and your employee to discuss any issues they are experiencing.

      After the visit, the assessor will research the most appropriate and cost-effective equipment, support and reasonable adjustments for your workplace. These recommendations are then highlighted in a detailed report, which will usually include some very simple, low-cost changes.

      To find out more about the process of a workplace assessment and it’s benefits please see our brochure.

      Funding available to you

      Your assessment report can be used to apply for Access to Work funding. This will help cover the cost of purchasing equipment, so increased productivity and employee satisfaction will far outweigh the small investment cost. Plus, if the application process is started within the first six weeks of employment, 100% of the cost of equipment and support will be covered.

      Workplace Assessment success stories

      Find out how our assessments have made a difference to other employees who are deaf or have a hearing loss.

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      For more information and to book your Workplace Assessment, please fill in the enquiry form below or get in touch:

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      The Equality Act protects you against unfair treatment in the workplace, and when you're out and about, if your hearing loss fits the definition of a disability.