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      Workplace assessment success stories

      Our workplace assessments have enabled a variety of employers and employees to work together to provide solutions and reasonable adjustments to help people who are deaf or have a hearing loss in the workplace.


      Here's what some of the clients supported through our workplace assessments had to say about the process:

      "I want to thank you again for your visit to my workplace. Today at work, for the first time, I could actually hear very clearly while on the phone."

      "I am more confident about the situation, have started attending lipreading classes (one of the recommendations), thus meeting others in a similar position regarding hearing loss. The equipment really helps and also sends a message to people."

      "I can now take a much more active part in group meetings and so on."

      "Thank you very much for a very detailed and thorough report... I hope all will get approved. You really do have a great understanding and I am very happy that you addressed my issues very well."

      "It was good to meet you and I really benefitted from having the opportunity to discuss my hearing loss, and its impact, with someone who has a real understanding of the challenges it brings and the ways it can be addressed."

      Why get a workplace assessment?

      "Because it means dealing with experts and it can put you in touch with other support. Also, it's tailored to the individual's situation. And it means you don't feel alone or so different."

      "To get help where it's needed. Assessors are good at their job and can recommend equipment that people may not be aware is available to them."

      Contact us

      All our consultants are trained in clear communication techniques and are able to converse with people using their preferred method of communication.

      If you would like further information, or to book an assessment, please contact our Access Solutions team:

      Telephone: 0333 240 5658
      Textphone: 0333 014 4530