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      Octavia Housing

      Octavia Housing is a not-for profit organisation providing social housing and other services to those in need.

      Octavia’s vision is to "create an organisation that tenants really value"; a vision demonstrated when a profoundly deaf resident experienced problems communicating with frontline staff and Octavia Housing contacted Action on Hearing Loss for support.

      To improve staff communication skills, deaf awareness training was recommended. Octavia Housing, showing just how important their residents are to them, arranged for Action on Hearing Loss to provide it. One deaf resident in particular was “extremely happy the suggestion was followed up because it had a very positive impact on her communication with the staff.”

      Staff who attended the training gained a new perspective on a subject they had little knowledge of previously – and this resulted in a change of attitude in how to improve access to their services for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss.

      Andy Carlisle, Resident Initiatives Manager, thought the training was a great way to raise awareness amongst staff who now feel “better equipped and more confident in dealing with the issues faced by deaf residents. Staff have been extremely positive about the training and have even asked for a follow up session!”

      Andy added: “This was a fantastic course; engaging and extremely positive. I strongly recommend it to any organisation thinking of having deaf awareness training. As a result of our deaf awareness training, we will be looking into other areas of accessibility for people in our organisation who are deaf or have hearing loss.”

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