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      North Wales Police

      North Wales Police reach out to the deaf community.


      One of our trainers, Lyndon Williams, delivered Start to Sign training to officers with North Wales Police, helping them communicate with the deaf community in North Wales.

      Following the training, officers are now able to tell deaf people their name and rank and provide basic reassurance in sign language when attending incidents, or while out on patrol.

      Community outreach

      "We want to ensure that all sections of the community have equal access to Police services,” said Divisional Commander for the Western Division, Chief Supt Geraint Anwyl. “By communicating a few simple phrases to deaf people, we will, hopefully, be able to provide further help and reassurance to them if they need our services or are involved in incidents. This should go someway to help gain added trust and confidence."

      The officers were taught the importance of using correct facial expressions while using sign language, finger-spelling and basic phrases that will assist them in their work.

      "People who are deaf or have hearing loss are a community within a community and I think it's a great idea that members of the police service have had this opportunity to learn something really valuable and worthwhile," said Caernarfon Custody Sergeant, David Hughes.

      Overwhelming feedback

      PCSO Emily Quaeck is also based at Caernarfon and said:

      "I found the course really interesting and it will certainly make me look at things differently when I go back on the beat. It has helped me to appreciate the individual needs of people who are deaf and I think it will be great to take this back with me."

      Following the course, Gwyn emailed our Trainer, Lyndon Williams, thanking him for the course and saying:

      "… the feedback was overwhelming. I have organised a few events over the years and never had feedback like this – or had anyone thank me for courses before! There's no doubt that the success of the venture (for us) was down to the trainer's personality."

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