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      Deaf awareness and British Sign Language training

      We offer British Sign Language (BSL) and deaf awareness training courses, with flexible options to meet the specific requirements of your business or organisation.

      Deaf awareness and BSL training will give your staff the confidence and skills to communicate with colleagues and customers who are deaf.

      All of our trainers are deaf or have hearing loss and our sign language trainers use BSL as their first or preferred language. This means they are able to use their personal experience of the barriers faced by people who are deaf every day.

      Choose from:

      • in-house training – deaf awareness information course or BSL training delivered at your workplace
      • open training– your staff join a training session held on Action on Hearing Loss premises
      • online training – a deaf awareness training pack that can be completed online in 60 minutes.

      To discuss your training requirements or to make a course booking, please contact the Access Solutions team today:

      Telephone 0333 240 5658 (calls welcome using Next Generation Text)

      Contact us


      0333 240 5658

      Looking to hold an immersive, face-to-face deaf awareness training or sign language course on your premises?

      Have a look at our open courses which provide a cost-effective introduction to deaf awareness and BSL for small groups.

      Our training has helped to solve a variety of accessibility issues across many different organisations – providing support for new and existing staff and encouraging businesses to meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.