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      Understanding hearing loss in the workplace

      If you don’t think hearing loss exists in your organisation, it may be time for a rethink. Hearing loss is often non-visible – along with the daily communication challenges it can bring – and research suggests that more than half of those affected feel reluctant to discuss it with their employer.

      With hearing loss affecting around 12 in every 100 employees, it's crucial that you understand hearing loss and the different challenges it can bring. That way, you can work with your employees who have hearing loss to overcome communication barriers in the workplace – and support them to fulfil their potential.

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      In the UK today, more than 11 million people are living with hearing loss. This can range from a partial to a total inability to hear. All levels of hearing loss can make communication in the workplace difficult if the right support isn't provided.

      Deafness and hearing loss needn't be a barrier to people applying for and excelling in most jobs. But when employers lack understanding about hearing loss and don't offer support, employees get left out, and left behind.

      By making your organisation attractive to and inclusive of people with hearing loss, you’ll be broadening your talent pool and enabling your staff to reach their full potential. There’s value far beyond meeting your legal responsibilities.