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      Tinnitus Week 2018

      5-11 February 2018

      Noise exposure is one of the biggest causes of permanent hearing damage around the world. In the UK, millions of people who love clubbing, gigs and festivals are at risk of permanent tinnitus – buzzing or ringing in their ears – because of the loud music. Yet there are no laws or regulations to protect you. It’s all up to you.

      That’s why, this Tinnitus Week, we’re raising awareness of how loud music causes tinnitus, and what you can do to prevent it. This doesn’t mean stopping doing the things you love – it just means protecting your ears.

      Tinnitus affects around 6 million people in the UK, and while there’s not yet a cure, there’s lots of help and support available. Throughout the week, we’ll also be sharing the latest on what can help you to manage tinnitus – you’re not alone.

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      This Tinnitus Week campaign is sponsored by Alpine Hearing Protection       Alpine hearing protection

      Sophy's story

      Sophy often can’t distinguish ‘real’ noises from her tinnitus, but she’s learned to manage it with various products and technology.

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      Matthew's story

      Matthew’s living with tinnitus caused by loud music at gigs and clubs. He’s warning people to protect their ears now, before it’s too late.

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      Would you risk your hearing

      Would you risk your hearing?

      We asked students if they’ve ever had ringing in their ears after a night out, and if they know what that means…

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      How loud music damages hearing

      Loud music can damage your ears before you know it, causing permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. Make sure you know the risk and look after your ears.

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      Dangerous sound levels

      Your risk of hearing damage from loud noise depends on two things: how loud the sound is and how long you’re exposed to it for.

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      Choosing the right hearing protection

      If you're exposed to unavoidable noise at work or home you may be wondering what hearing protection will help reduce the sound reaching your ears while feeling comfortable and easy to use.

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      Christine's had tinnitus for 12 years.

      Find out how you can help fund vital research and provide support for people like Christine, struggling with tinnitus right now.