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      Get involved this Tinnitus Week

      Thanks for your interest in getting involved this Tinnitus Week (4–10 February).

      We want Tinnitus Week 2019 to reach more people than ever before. We want to start a wide conversation around tinnitus to raise awareness of this common but invisible condition – and we need your help!


      Help us let music lovers know that they're at risk of hearing loss and tinnitus if they listen to music that's too loud for too long without protecting their ears:

      • share our #Don'tLoseTheMusic posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and tag the gig-goers and festival lovers in your life
      • put up our #Don'tLoseTheMusic posters on the walls of bars, clubs, student unions and anywhere else music fans hang out, with permission of course!

      posters on the wall


      We want to flood our social media channels with short videos of people describing what their tinnitus sounds like and how it affects them, to show the world that tinnitus is different for different people, and, if you have it, you're not alone. 

      If you're affected by tinnitus and would like to take part, here’s how:

      1. Film yourself with your smartphone, telling us in less than 30 seconds:

      • who you are
      • what your tinnitus sounds like
      • how it affects your life.

      2. Share your video on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #ThisIsTinnitus for everyone to see.

      This is what our PR Officer Simon Robb told us on his #ThisIsTinnitus video:

      And, regardless of whether you have tinnitus or not, please share the #ThisIsTinnitus videos you see on Instagram and Twitter during Tinnitus Week.

      Help fund research to find a cure for tinnitus

      Millions of people in the UK are living with tinnitus 24/7. We're funding research that is getting us closer to finding new treatments and, ultimately, a cure for tinnitus. Every pound donated helps. Can you help us silence tinnitus by making a donation today? 


      Tinnitus Helpline


      0808 808 9000