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      Tinnitus Week 2019

      4-10 February

      Tinnitus Week 2019 is coming. This year, with your help, we want more young people to realise that loud music can – and does – cause permanent tinnitus and premature hearing loss.

      Millions of young people are risking their hearing without even knowing it, by listening to loud music or going to noisy clubs or pubs. We want people to protect their hearing today, so they can love music for years to come.

      But we’re not only focusing on prevention. Around 6 million people are living with tinnitus, including many of our supporters. Throughout Tinnitus Week, we’ll point you in the direction of support and information that can help, including our new, free tinnitus guide.

      We’ll also let you know about the pioneering tinnitus research we’re funding – so that, one day, we can silence tinnitus for good.

      Please revisit this page from 4 February and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news and updates on Tinnitus Week.