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      Protect your child's hearing

      Have you ever noticed your small child crying when they are around loud noise? If so it could be because their ears are more sensitive to certain high-pitched sounds than ours.

      When is my child's hearing at risk?

      It's difficult to say when a small child's hearing is at risk. Their tiny ears can be more sensitive than adult ears to certain high-pitched sounds. So it's important to look after your child’s hearing from a young age.

      If your child is crying or complaining when they are around loud noise, it's probably because it's hurting their ears.

      You should limit the amount of time they spend in noisy environments and use appropriate hearing protection if necessary.

      What hearing protection should I use for my child?

      Their ears are still growing, so earplugs are not always suitable for young children. The best way to protect your child’s hearing is by using ear defenders that are designed for children. You can buy these from retailers or our online shop.

      What about older children?

      If your older children listen to music on their smartphone or other device or they go live music events, you can find out how to look after their hearing in our section listen to music safely.