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      Lipreading classes

      If you can't hear everything that's being said, joining a friendly lipreading class can give you skills to help you communicate, and you can pick up tips from people in a similar position to you.

      How can lipreading classes help me?

      Lipreading classes are designed to give you the confidence and skills to help communicate better. To find out if there’s a class in your area, contact our information line, or the Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults

      What is a lipreading class like?

      Lipreading classes are taught by a qualified teacher. They are informal and you can go at your own pace. The teacher will demonstrate the different shapes that sounds make on the lips so that you can identify them. They will also explain how to fill in the gaps of speech that you can’t hear, and how to use clues from the context of the conversation.

      It's an ideal way to meet people in a similar to you. You can share experiences and pick up lots of tips and practical information to help you cope with your hearing loss. If you are unable to go to a class, you can practise lipreading at home thanks to the website lipreading practice.

      For more information about lipreading, see our leaflet learning to lipread. To find out about other support where you live, visit our in your area interactive map.

      What if I can't find a lipreading class near me?

      Do you want to attend a lipreading class, but there are none in your area? Is your lipreading class closing down, or its fees are rising? Our lipreading campaigns pack contains detailed information to help you to campaign for better access to lipreading classes in your area.

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