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      How do hearing aids work?

      There are different types of digital hearing aid, but they all work in a similar way to make sounds louder and clearer.

      Digital hearing aids are available from the NHS and private hearing care providers. This is how they work:

      1. A built-in microphone picks up sound and turns it into an electrical signal.

      2. Digital technology in the hearing aid amplifies the electrical signal.

      3. The amplified signal is then turned back into sound for you to hear.

      Your audiologist can adjust your hearing aids to suit your particular hearing loss. Many also have different settings for different listening environments – some even adjust automatically. For example, most hearing aids have a directional microphone, which helps you to pick up sounds in front of you, rather than at the side or behind. This can help you to focus on what you want to listen to in noisy places.

      For more information about hearing aids, see our factsheets and leaflets.

      Living with hearing aids

      Hearing aids are pretty wonderful, however in more challenging environments, they alone can't always manage. Hearing aid assistive devices can make all the difference as well as trying out a host of new experiences.