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      Getting the most out of your hearing aids

      Most people find it takes around a month before they start to get the most out of their hearing aids, but it can take longer.

      How long before I adjust to my hearing aids?

      When you first get hearing aids, you may find that everything sounds louder than you expect, and your own voice may sound strange – this is fairly normal. The important thing is to not give up, and to ask for help if you experience difficulties.

      You will have a chance to talk about how you are getting on at your follow-up appointment, or telephone review with your audiology service. An appointment should be offered within 12 weeks if your hearing aids were fitted by the NHS, or a week or two if they were fitted privately. If you find that the sounds you hear, or the hearing aids, are still uncomfortable, your audiologist can make some adjustments.

      You can find out more about getting the most out of your hearing aids in our leaflet life with hearing aids.

      Hear to Help

      If you get NHS hearing aids, you may benefit from our hearing aid support service, Hear to Help. Our community officers and volunteers help people to manage and maintain their NHS hearing aids through home visits and drop-in services across the UK.

      For more information, contact our information line.

      'How-to’ video tutorials

      If you’re having difficulties with using your hearing aids, you may find the C2Hear online video tutorials very helpful. The ‘how-to’ videos were developed by scientists and researchers at the NIHR Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit. They provide tutorials on getting used to hearing aids, and are designed to give you better knowledge of hearing aids and communication tactics – and more confidence when using them.

      Find out more and watch the C2Hear videos.

      Hearing aids are pretty wonderful, however in more challenging environments, they alone can't always manage. Hearing aid assistive devices can make all the difference as well as trying out a host of new experiences.