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      Three steps to better hearing

      Do you find that you’re turning up the TV too loud for others, or that you’re struggling to follow conversations or hear on the phone? If so, follow these simple steps to hear better.

      1 Take a check 

      Our online Hearing Check will tell you if you may have hearing loss and what you need to do next. Or you can visit a FREE hearing check session if there's one near you:

      Find a local hearing check

      Take the Hearing Check today.

      If you’d like a friendly chat with one of our advisers, please get in touch on 0808 808 0123.

      These tests can indicate if you do have a hearing loss and if further action needs to be taken.

      2 See your GP

      We always recommend that you see your GP if you have any hearing problems, so they can check for temporary causes such as a build-up of wax or an ear infection, which can be treated.

      Your GP will ask you about your symptoms, look in your ears and may carry out some simple tests. If there’s no obvious cause of your hearing loss, you’ll need a full hearing assessment.

      To have these hearing tests on the NHS, your GP needs to refer you to an audiologist (hearing specialist). If you have trouble getting a referral, ask for a second opinion. Remember, you have the right to have your hearing tested. Tell your GP how your hearing difficulties are interfering with your everyday life.

      If you decide to go to a private hearing provider for your hearing assessment, you’ll need to pay for your care and any hearing aids you need, whereas high-quality hearing aids are free on the NHS.

      3 Get help with your hearing

      Whether you have your hearing tested through the NHS or privately, an audiologist (hearing specialist) will carry out tests to find out what type and level of hearing loss you have. They'll ask you about your hearing and test one ear at a time. The tests take about 20 minutes and aren’t uncomfortable. You can find out more about what the tests involve in our leaflet How’s your hearing.

      Your audiologist will then explain the type of hearing loss you have and offer solutions to suit your needs. They will discuss whether hearing aids are likely to help you, or if you could have some other treatment to help you hear better.

      Find out more about hearing aids and other treatments.

      Remember, if your hearing isn’t what it used to be, you’re not alone. Hearing loss affects more than 11 million people in the UK, and more and more people are getting the help they need to hear better.

      To find out more about what the test involves, visit our ‘Having your hearing tested’ page.

      If you have any questions about these simple steps to better hearing, or for more information, please contact our Information Line:

      Telephone: 0808 808 0123
      Textphone: 0808 808 9000
      SMS: 07800 000 360