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      Middle ear conditions

      Middle ear conditions can cause earache and temporary hearing loss.

      Usually, they are caused by an infection, or fluid that remains in the ear after an infection; an injury; or objects in the ear. Anyone can have middle ear problems but some are more common in children.

      This section tells you all about middle ear conditions including the symptoms you or your child may have, what causes them, who is at risk, and the treatments available.

      Middle ear, hammer, anvil, stirrup and eustachian tube

      Do you or your young child have earache and a slight hearing loss? Find out about otitis media – or middle ear infection – and the treatments available.

      Regularly turning up the TV, behaviour changes or a delay in speech development could be signs your child has glue ear.

      Repeated ear infections can cause discomfort and hearing loss and, in rare cases, may even lead to cholesteatoma.

      Are you experiencing hearing loss in your late 20s or 30s? Find out about otosclerosis and the treatments available.

      If the tiny ear bones called ossicles in your inner ear are damaged or misshapen, this can cause hearing loss.

      Do you have earache and hearing loss after a middle ear infection or injury, or have you experienced a sudden loud noise and air pressure change?