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      Ménière’s disease

      Do you have hearing loss with nausea, noises in your ears or head and sensitivity to sound?

      Ménière’s disease is a rare condition thought to be caused by changes in the pressure of the fluid in the inner ear. It leads to sudden attacks of severe vertigo (spinning sensation) that can last from 20 minutes to 24 hours.

      With an attack, you may experience

      • vertigo (spinning sensation)
      • a feeling of ear ‘fullness’ followed by nausea
      • hearing loss
      • tinnitus
      • sensitivity to sound (hyperacusis)
      • loss of balance

      The cause of Ménière’s disease is unknown, but it's likely that it is linked to raised pressure in one of the fluid-filled compartments in the inner ear. The symptoms and severity of the disease vary greatly from person to person. But repeated attacks can cause a degree of permanent hearing loss.

      What treatment is available?

      You can reduce or control the symptoms of Ménière’s disease through diet and medication. Rarely, you might need some type of surgical intervention. Most people can find a treatment that works for them.

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