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      Ear problems

      Ear problems can cause discomfort and be worrying, especially if your child has one. But they are usually treatable and unlikely to lead to long-term problems.

      This section tells you all about some of the common ear conditions that can cause hearing loss, earache and balance problems. We explain what causes the conditions, steps you can take to avoid them, and the treatments that are available.

      If you're looking for more information, our factsheets and leaflets tell you about a range of issues related to the ears and hearing. You can download them from our information and resources area, or order by contacting our information line.

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      Diagram of the Outer Ear, Ear canal and ear drum

      There are many common conditions that affect the outer ear. They can give you the sensation of having blocked ears or lead to inflamed or infected ears.

      Middle ear, hammer, anvil, stirrup and eustachian tube

      This section tells you all about middle ear conditions including the symptoms you or your child may have, what causes them, who is at risk, and the treatments available.

      Inner ear diagram including: cochlea, auditory nerve and vestibular system

      This section looks at how problems in the inner ear cause hearing loss, dizziness and balance disorders, and what treatment can help.

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