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Speak Easy

Speak Easy: Reducing background noise in restaurants, cafés and pubs

Alan Mckinney

Dining out should be one of life’s great joys. Romantic meal, family birthday, a quick coffee with an old friend… spending quality time with people we care about is as important as the food and drink we’re served. 

That’s why over 90% of you say you would not return to a venue where the sheer level of noise sucks all the joy out of the experience.

This is just one of several, startling findings from our in-depth survey about noise in restaurants, cafés and pubs. Nearly 1,500 of you took part – thank you!

We’ve showcased your views – and put forward practical recommendations to the hospitality industry – in our Speak Easy report and guide. The report lays out the key problems you encounter in various venues – and the impact this has on your social life. Our Speak Easy guide moves things on: we present eight key ways restaurants, cafés and pubs can reduce background noise.

Our campaign is already hitting a nerve with millions in the UK, with and without hearing loss, receiving saturation and continuing coverage in the media.

Sign up here for campaign updates and help us to take noise off the menu (external link, opens in new window)

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