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Read my lips

Graphic of a pair of lips with 'Not just lip service' below.

Lipreading is a vital communication skill for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. It can help people to improve their management of hearing loss, remain engaged in family and social networks and fulfil their potential at work.

But despite the clear benefits of lipreading, many people with hearing loss are being denied the opportunity to develop this skill.

In recent years we have campaigned hard for improved access to lipreading support across the UK. We have strengthened our evidence base to demonstrate the benefits of lipreading, pushed lipreading up the Government’s agenda, and secured funding for projects that we hope will lead to improvements in access to lipreading support in coming years.

Join a lipreading class near you

Lipreading classes are informal, friendly and taught by a qualified teacher. More information about what happens in a lipreading class and how to find a class in your area can be found on our Lipreading page.

Access our guide to campaign for local classes

Do you want to attend a lipreading class, but there are none in your area? Is your lipreading class closing down, or its fees are rising? Download our new lipreading campaigns guide here, which contains detailed information to help you to campaign for better access to lipreading classes in your area.

lipreading guide 

Are you a lipreading tutor?

We have also produced a guide for lipreading tutors, in partnership with the Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults (ATLA). The guide is designed to help tutors raise awareness of lipreading classes; avoid increases in class fees; stop existing classes from closing; and, have new classes set up locally.

If you are a lipreading tutor and would like to receive this guide, please contact ATLA directly at  

Are you an audiologist?

If you are an audiologist and you are interested in learning more about lipreading classes, what they entail, and who can benefit, please download our information sheet and share this with your colleagues.
> Download here

Some of our staff at a lipreading parliamentary reception.

Progress from across the UK

In recent years we have made significant progress towards improving access to lipreading support by lobbying the government to recognise the importance of lipreading as a communication skill.
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