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Hearing screening for life

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The Hearing Screening for Life campaign is a coalition of charities that has come together to call for hearing screening for people aged 65. We've been calling for hearing screening for a number of years and we are strongly supportive of the campaign.

We know that it takes people an average of 10 years to address a hearing loss and there are four million people in the UK who could benefit from hearing aids but don’t currently have them. This high level of unaddressed hearing loss and the length of time that people wait to take action have huge consequences both at an individual level and for the NHS and other services. An unaddressed hearing loss can lead to isolation from family and social networks, withdrawal from the workplace and complications in managing other health conditions.

By working through the Hearing Screening for Life campaign, we are able to highlight the wide reaching impact of hearing loss on all areas of life. Other coalition members include Age UK, Dementia UK and the Hearing Link.

Tackling unaddressed hearing loss

We are calling for the introduction of a hearing screening programme for people aged 65. This will play a significant role in tackling the high level of unaddressed hearing loss across the UK and will help make checking your hearing and taking action over a hearing loss as normal as having a sight test and wearing glasses.

For hearing screening to be introduced we need a body called the National Screening Committee to recognise the importance and the benefit of doing so. We have very strong evidence that a programme would not only improve the lives of people with unaddressed hearing loss but that at an estimated cost of £255 million over 10 years it would save the government £2 billion over the same period.

Hearing screening consultation 2015

Over the summer, the UK National Screening Committee (NSC) consulted on the introduction of screening for hearing loss in older adults. The consultation followed a campaign launched by the Hearing Screening for Life coalition in 2013 which called for the Committee to consider introducing hearing screening.

Thank you to all our campaigners who shared their experiences and views to support our consultation response. Your comments have been shared confidentially with the NSC and were incredibly useful in supporting our arguments in favour of hearing aids and hearing screening.

Download our formal response to the NSC consultation

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