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Our petition sends a clear message on hearing aid cuts

Volunteer Linda Parton hands in our Christmas card petition to the CCG

After being alerted in June 2014 that North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group were considering ending the provision of hearing aids to people with mild to moderate age-onset hearing loss, we launched a petition asking them to reconsider the proposed cuts. The public response to this was overwhelming, with the petition receiving 6515 signatures! We officially handed it in to the CCG on 15 December 2014 along with a giant Christmas card listing each signatory and the message ‘All We Want For Christmas Is Hearing Aids’.

Our volunteers hand in our hearing aid cuts petition to North Staffordshire CCG

Please see below the message sent by over 6500 people to the CCG:

"Dear North Staffordshire CCG

Please do not cut hearing aid services in North Staffordshire. Nearly 40% of people over 50 have mild to moderate hearing loss, which is the category that most benefits from having hearing aids fitted and responds the best to treatment. Your plans would have a devastating impact for people with hearing loss, leaving thousands unable to communicate in their day to day lives."

Read the latest on our campaign to prevent hearing aid cuts in North Staffordshire.

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Hearing aid user Evelyn Boyd on holidayHearing aids are a lifeline

Hearing aids make a vital difference to the lives of people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

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Hands off our hearing aids!What have we been doing to fight the cuts?

We're working hard to engage stakeholders and fight the proposed NHS hearing aid cuts.

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