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jamie pictureThe way we watch TV has transformed over recent years – and it’s hard to remember a time before we streamed films or watched catch-up TV.

But far too many people with hearing loss are missing out, because subtitles are absent from thousands of hours of ‘on demand’ content.

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Through Progress on Pause, our supporters demonstrated the scale and impact of the problem, and now major providers including Sky and BT TV have started to roll out more subtitles on catch up and on-demand TV.

We’ve also been calling on the government to change the law and end the digital exclusion of people with hearing loss from on-demand TV and films.

Well, we did it! Thanks to over 6000 people who’ve have taken action for the campaign, on 8 February 2017  parliament voted in favour of changing the law so that on-demand broadcasters will be legally required to provide minimum levels of subtitles.

We won’t see the changes straight away, but you can count on us to keep track of progress and continue campaigning until our supporters across the UK can watch telly with subtitles – regardless of when, or how, they watch it.

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