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      Summer studentships

      We will not be running our summer studentship scheme in 2018.

      The scheme allows undergraduates to take part in a research project during the summer, so we introduce them to this exciting field of work – and encourage them to consider it as a career. See our Biomedical Research Strategy for more information.

      Summary of Grant

      • Deadline: The summer studentship scheme will not be running in 2018
      • Duration: Up to eight weeks.
      • Value: £200 a week towards student living expenses.
      • Eligibility: Students and supervisors must be based at recognised UK universities or research institutes.

      In the last round of funding, we received 12 applications. Following review, six grants were awarded.

      Application procedure

      You can find the guidelines and application form below – please note that applications must be submitted by the proposed superviser.

      Selection procedure

      Applications will be peer-reviewed if necessary and we will select the most suitable projects. We will notify successful supervisers as soon as possible, usually within two or three weeks of the application deadline.

      Everyone involved in the review process of any grant application is asked to abide by our Code of conduct.

      Successful candidates are required to submit a short report after their placement has finished. We will award a prize to the student with the best report.

      Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC) and open access publications

      Action on Hearing Loss is a member of the Europe PMC Funders' Group. We support open access publications and require Action on Hearing Loss grant holders to make their publications open access.

      Read our open access publication policy for more information and visit the Europe PMC website.

      For more information

      If you would like more information about the Summer Studentship Grant please get in touch:

      Telephone: +44(0)20 3227 6159

      Our strategy outlines the approach we're taking to accelerate the discovery and development of treatments and cures. It highlights the areas of research we'll fund and how we'll support research in these areas.

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