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      We fund research into hearing loss and tinnitus to speed up the discovery and development of new medical treatments to protect and restore hearing, improve diagnosis of hearing loss, improve medical devices for hearing, and silence tinnitus, in line with our Biomedical Research Strategy.

      We offer funding to support discovery and translational research and to build research capacity through a number of grant schemes. Click on the relevant link below to find out how to apply for each grant scheme. The details of new calls for applications for each grant will be provided several months before the application deadline. 

      If you would like to be notified of new grant calls, please email and request to be added to our research mailing list.

      TRIH Newsletter 

      Do you want to keep up to date with the latest development in clinical trials, news on biotech and pharma companies developing treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus?

      The Action on Hearing Loss Pauline Ashley Fellowship scheme aims to build research capacity in hearing research, by supporting the career development of the UK’s most talented new 'investigators' towards becoming independent scientists.

      Our Discovery Research Grants support projects that will generate knowledge to underpin the discovery of treatments for hearing loss or tinnitus, or improve how new treatments are developed and tested.

      COVID-19 - We confirm that the Translational Grant scheme will go ahead as planned, so please submit your Expression of Interest by 14 April 2020.

      Our PhD studentship scheme aims to encourage the best students to become involved in hearing, deafness and tinnitus research in the UK.

      Our Flexi Grant scheme aims to provide funding to support a range of valuable small scale activities which will strengthen hearing research in new and unexpected ways to benefit people with hearing loss, tinnitus or other hearing-related conditions.

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