What do we do? - Action On Hearing Loss: RNID

Why do we need your help?

What do we do?

We're Action on Hearing Loss, the largest charity working to help all those people in the UK who are deaf or suffer some form of hearing loss.

  • Please install the Flash Plugin We’ve got 100 years of experience providing care and support to deaf people with additional needs.
  • We give invaluable advice and practical assistance to people with hearing loss, making sure that their quality of life is not limited.
  • We fund world class biomedical research into the causes of hearing loss as part of our search for a cure for deafness and tinnitus.
  • We develop new technology, like listening devices and real-time text systems, to make communication easier for millions of people.
  • We fight to raise awareness of the issues and injustices faced by people who have a hearing loss, and to highlight the dangers of loud music and other excessive noise.

Hearing loss can affect us all

The challenges that people with a hearing loss face can be staggering. 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents – 80% of whom will never learn to communicate fully with their deaf child. As a result, children who are born deaf often face substantial disadvantages even before they are old enough to start school.

When children with a hearing loss reach school age, they face more and more potential problems. They’re considerably less likely to achieve top grades at GCSE, meaning that they can struggle to find a job when they leave the education system. Even before the recent economic downturn, people with a hearing loss were four times more likely to be unemployed than the average person.

The onset of hearing loss in old age is no joke either – it leaves older people feeling isolated and suffering from a loss of confidence, cut off from the world around them.