Who benefits?

Your vital support allows us to help people in all parts of the United Kingdom – people of all ages and from all walks of life. What we do benefits newborn babies, children, young adults, and older people as well. Read on to learn a bit more about just a few of the people we’ve helped.

Stanley's story

“It’s made a terrific difference to my husband and to us all around him”

As a music teacher, Stanley’s hearing has always meant a lot to him. However, when he began to have trouble keeping up in conversations with his wife Stella, it still took several years before he finally decided to take action. After trying our free hearing check, Stanley realised that he needed to take action on his hearing loss and that there was plenty of help available to him. Within six weeks, he was up and running with a digital hearing aid and was able to start enjoying his music again without letting his hearing loss become an obstacle. Even more importantly, there’s now nothing to prevent Stanley and Stella from enjoying a good chat whenever they feel like it.

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