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"I must live alone, like one who has been banished" - Ludwig van Beethoven

For all his achievements and talent, Beethoven’s hearing loss left him feeling both lonely and helpless. It isn’t always easy to imagine a world without sound. It’s harder still to come to terms with the idea of how an invisible thing like hearing loss can completely cut you off from the world around you.

Only those who have experienced this frustration and loneliness for themselves can really know what it’s like. And, over 200 years since Beethoven was born, there are many people who face the same daily struggle today.

Take Ray, who lost his hearing whilst serving in the Parachute Regiment of the British Army. He puts it like this: “Talking and listening to people is still the main way we communicate. Losing that ability can mean slipping into a world of isolation and loneliness.”

Why support us?

What’s really unique about us is that we aim to work for every one of the ten million people in the UK who have a hearing loss.

What we do benefits newborn babies, children, young adults, and older people as well. We work to support people whether they are profoundly deaf or have a mild hearing loss, throughout all parts of the UK. When you consider that we also promote hearing health and encourage people to value their hearing, we’re really working on behalf of everybody else in the country too!

“An oasis of compassion in a desert of indifference”

Iain, after calling our free helpline to ask for advice on how to use his hearing aids.

Your support will make a life-changing difference to someone who really needs our help. Thank you.

Why do we need your help?

Why do we need your help?

Every year, we need to raise millions of pounds just to make sure that we can continue our vital work. That’s why your support is so important – it can make a life-changing difference to the quality of life of the people who benefit from what we do.
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Some of the people who benefit from our work

Who benefits?

Your vital support allows us to help people in all parts of the United Kingdom – people of all ages and from all walks of life. Learn more about some of the people we’ve helped.
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Jill, one of our regular supporters

Who are our donors?

We wouldn’t be able to do the things that we do without the kind support of our donors. They come in all shapes and sizes – and sometimes it seems like the only thing common to all of them is their amazing generosity. Here’s a chance to meet just a few of them...
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