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It's time for action

Together we can change the future for people with hearing loss.

In the last year we have helped over 30,000 people with hearing loss through our support services, made discoveries in hearing research and advances in technology. But we need to do more.

There has never been a better time to take action on hearing loss. If we act now, we could transform the lives of thousands of people.

Your donation could have an enormous impact on the future – donate today.


Donate to transform the lives of people with hearing loss

We are at a pivotal moment in the fight against hearing loss. We need your help to tackle this ever-worsening situation – right now.
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Help us build on the success we've already achieved

We’ve made great progress in research, technology and support services. With your help we could do so much more.
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Jill who has donate to Action on Hearing Loss.

Change the future for Jill

Imagine knowing that your child had a 50/50 chance of being born deaf. This is the fear Jill faced, as she waited for the birth of her two children.
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