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From the living room to the lab, we're taking on tinnitus together

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When you do, we'll tell you how, with your help, we can reach a cure faster.

We’ve never been closer to a cure. Please help us fund the life-changing research that can silence tinnitus, once and for all. 

tinnitus leafletOver 6 million people – that’s one in ten of us – are living with incessant buzzing, ringing, whistling, or banging. Tinnitus can have a huge impact on some people's lives. If you're suffering with tinnitus, you can find out how you could take control with our free guide.

Before 2000, very little was known about which parts of the hearing system were involved in tinnitus. Today, the picture is very different. Right now, there are over 15 medications to treat tinnitus and hearing loss with in clinical trials.

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