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"My inability to hear around the home has created isolation for me and my family... The isolation is debilitating to my confidence and makes me increasingly withdraBiomedical research strategy - researcher working in a laboratory.wn."

Currently, in the UK, 10 million people are affected by hearing loss - that’s one in six people and it’s a growing problem. By 2031 more than 14.5 million will be affected - one in four of us. Hearing loss is a potential public health crisis.

Hearing loss can lead to very real social isolation, cutting people off from friends and family, as well as affecting their ability to take part in everyday life. It’s associated with an increased risk of depression and other mental health problems, not to mention dementia - the risk is nearly double for people with untreated mild hearing loss and it increases for those with moderate and severe hearing loss.

There is a huge need for the development of new treatments and therapies for hearing loss and tinnitus, and for that, we need research. 

All over the world, the scientists we are funding are improving diagnoses, advancing technology to improve hearing, and discovering drugs to protect against hearing loss.

We believe that, if we work together, a cure within a generation is possible.

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We are fighting to prevent a possible hearing crisis. But we can't do it alone! Find out how you can make a difference to the lives of people with hearing loss.
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We appreciate our donors and would like to thank them for all their support. We continue to need ongoing support to develop treatments and cures for hearing loss and tinnitus.
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The Best Investment You Could Ever Make

We need your support to find cures for hearing loss and tinnitus.
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