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You can transform your healthcare today

Alarmingly, our research shows 14% of people with hearing loss missed an appointment because they didn’t hear their name being called in the waiting room. People like Henry are also not getting a sign language interpreter when they ask for one for appointments. Henry recently went to see a health professional, who tried to communicate with him via his hearing daughter, who is in primary school, instead of providing an interpreter. This is unacceptable.

This is our chance to make it stop. Please give a gift today, together we can transform your healthcare service by making sure you can access them in the way you choose.

NHS England has launched a new Accessible Information Standard which means that health and social care services have to provide communication support for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. But we need to make sure the standard is met.

Stand up for your health today. Take action and send in your card to tell your GP what support you need to help you communicate to access healthcare services. The more people that make their communication needs known now, the bigger impact we will have.

Download a communication card or template letter today to give to your GP.

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