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You’re Morgan’s best hope of a cure

Please donate today to help fund research into treatments and cures to improve the lives of more people like Morgan.

CI_2_SurgeryI lost my hearing suddenly six years ago. I woke up to a world that was totally silent and I was terrified. Over time I lost friends and couldn’t speak on the phone with my mum. I was cut off and rapidly felt really isolated. At one point I wanted to give up on everything. I stood on the edge of the train platform, ready to jump, but then I thought of my loved ones. It was enough to make me step back and seek help. I was lucky: I was suitable for a cochlear implant. And for the first time in years I could hear again. It was amazing."

Morgan had a cochlear implant fitted which brought her back into the wonderful world of sound, dramatically improving her life.

Sadly, this amazing technology doesn’t work for everyone and comes with its own challenges. But you can give hope of a cure to people like Morgan.

From improving the technology of medical devices to discovering treatments to restore natural hearing, research will transform lives. Your donation today will create a brighter future for thousands.
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