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You’re Mary’s best hope of a cure

Donate today to help fund research into treatments and cures to improve the lives of children like Mary.

“I avoid the playground and parties. I also prefer to only have one or two friends around me to make it easier to hear. At school, I find maths and languages really hard. As I need to lipread, I often feel so exhausted at the end of the day from the extra effort to follow my lessons. A cure for hearing loss gives me so much hope for the future. It would mean the world to me and my family.” Mary, 15, was born with a hereditary hearing loss that’s getting worse as she gets older.


Children learn and make friends through hearing, so growing up with hearing loss can be a lonely and frustrating place. Worryingly recent statistics show almost two thirds of deaf children fail to achieve five GCSE passes due to a lack of understanding of their needs at school. The huge difference in quality of life for hearing and deaf children is outrageous. But you can give hope of a cure to Mary.

From improving diagnosis to treating and stopping hearing loss, research will transform lives.
Your donation today will create a brighter future for thousands.
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