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Donate today to put more brains on ears

Camille TardieuMy name is Camille Tardieu and I’m a PhD researcher currently looking at ways to prevent and treat noise damage to our ears. When my supervisor asked me why I wanted to work on ears, I told him hearing is the one sense I’d be devastated to lose, because it keeps us all connected. Before my eyes, I’ve watched my loved ones develop hearing loss, gradually detaching themselves from conversations, becoming more and more isolated and missing out on the joy of music. Our hearing is precious. And that’s something that, as a supporter of Action on Hearing Loss, I know you understand. Deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss devastate lives, isolate people and stop them living their life to the full. I know that research can change that – but I also know that without the generous gifts of people like you, the research stops.

Your gift means more now than ever before; not just more PhD research projects and not just more young scientists entering the field. You’ll be funding tomorrow’s treatments and cures. So if you can, please support the future of hearing research with a gift today, and tomorrow could be closer than we imagined.

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