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Deafness and hearing loss > Viral Hearing Loss - Seeking Feedback

#1 Posted : Saturday, July 15, 2017 1:11:51 AM
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On Wednesday June 28th, my dog was running into the street so I had to yell as loud as I could (in a booming voice) to get him to stop. It worked, but I immediately noticed some "ringing" in my ears.

By Saturday July 1st My right ear was ~80% muffled, and my left ~10%.

On Monday July 3rd I called the doctor and the soonest they could get me in was July 5th. I figured it was a head cold/ear infection. I had some throbbing and terrible tinnitus in my right ear.

On July 5th the general practitioner doctor said my right eardrum was “bulging” and swollen, but there was no liquid; also my left was a little swollen, but not bad; and my nasal cavity was also swollen. She prescribed 60mg of Prednisone for 3 days.

By Friday, July 7th, there was no improvement at all. The doctor then prescribed Antibiotics (500mg AMOX/CLAV twice a day). The following Monday, the 10th, there was no change at all. I was also taking antihistamines (Sudafed, etc). I was referred to the ENT doctor but couldn’t get in until today (July 14th).

They said I had suffered substantial hearing loss in my right ear (~60%) and a little in my left (~10%). They said my eardrums looked normal and I had all the patterns of nerve damage caused by a virus. The doctor injected steroids into my right inner-ear and scheduled me to come back in a week.

I’ve never, ever had ear issues in my life, and have always had exceptional hearing. I am 44, very healthy, and have never had any serious health issues. This event has traumatized me as it feels like I have a wet sock in my right ear and nonstop ringing (tinnitus). I wanted to post my experience here to see if anyone had any hope or feedback, or other things I could do that the ENT doctor may have overlooked.

I find it very hard to believe I suddenly caught a virus and all of this happened; especially since the trigger was “yelling at the dog”. But it does seem to fit the profile; it took around 72 hours for the condition to develop – but as I mentioned, I just thought it was a head cold or an ear infection.

Any thoughts or feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.
#2 Posted : Sunday, July 16, 2017 8:39:26 AM
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Hi there!
Well there is a reasonable chance that it is not a disaster so don't get too stressed about it. What you appear to have had is called SHL Syndrome. Sudden Hearing Loss.
Every now and again we get a distressed person like yourself asking in here for help, it isn't common but we get a few every year.

You have done all the right things and going by the feedback we have had in the past the medical treatment seems to be the most that can be done. What I think you need now is to wait and see if there is any effect from the treatment. You might not respond straight away so if there's no change then hang on a bit. We have had reports from a few people that after a few weeks their hearing has improved. Can't promise, sorry but it has happened.

I believe the AOHL staff have been doing research into SHL Syndrome, they might have some comments to make later in the week as they do not work weekends. But you can Google for it if you like and that will give you something to go on.
Bear in mind that we are not doctors, we can't diagnose by email!
But from what you've said I am pretty sure we are on the right track.
#3 Posted : Monday, July 17, 2017 5:42:23 PM
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Thank you for the response Corn; the core issues are: 1) dealing with this monumental change in sense, 2) determining how it happened, and 3) making sure it doesn't happen again/get worse, and of course 4) try to recover. I've never been overnight in a hospital in my life and have always been exceptionally healthy. This came out of the blue and I thought it was just a head cold. I've done research on the "truly serious" sources of an issue like this and I just don't think Tumor, Stroke, Meniere’s disease, and the other "bad things" really add up -- mainly because I had all the symptoms of a cold/clogged Eustachian tubes, and such. AFAIK the other "serious" causes don't do that - plus I've had no dizziness. As far as I know, my symptoms do point to a virus.

I took an online hearing test last night, and it's pretty much right on (relative to results) that the professional test I took Friday showed. Here it is: Hearing Test Results

Note my hearing was perfectly normal three weeks ago.

It's Monday now (I had the inner ear "injection bath" on Friday) and there's no change at all so far. I'm also feeling quite terrible; like I'm fighting a nasty cold/virus. Shivers, weakness, diarrhea, etc. So if it truly is a virus, I'm still fighting it. Sadly I've been told by the ENT doctor there's no much more to do than a weekly "ear bath" of steroids.

In conclusion, it's been more than 2 weeks now with no change in hearing (just the same loss) and I'm definitely not "healthy". Is this common when it is a virus that causes this issue? And BTW please don't sugar coat anything - if there's some strange disease or serious issue that members think I should investigate, please - let me know so I can do so.

Thanks a ton for the feedback!
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