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Use our forums to share ideas and support with other people who have hearing loss or tinnitus. Anyone can read our forums, but to take part in a discussion you need to register and choose a nickname. Before using our forums please read our disclaimer.

We have three main forums – deafness and hearing losstinnitus and products and equipment.

These forums are moderated by the Action on Hearing Loss web team. If you have any complaints or suggestions please email us at

Please note that the forum pages will refresh automatically, and may time out.

Two people having a conversation.

Deafness and hearing loss forum

Join the discussion in our growing forum. It’s perfect if you’re new to hearing loss and need some support, or you want to share about issues that affect you.
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Tinnitus - a man and woman in a nightclub. The man is wearing earplugs.


Connect with an active and supportive group of people with tinnitus. What helps you manage your tinnitus? Share what works for you, and pick up some other great tips.
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Products and equipment - a lady using a tinnitus relaxer to help her sleep.

Products and equipment

There are increasing numbers of products designed for people with hearing loss. Are you having problems with a product? What products couldn't you live without? Join the debate.
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Forum terms and disclaimer

We welcome and encourage the sensible exchange of views and ideas between users of this website and we provide a forum for you to do this.
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