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Our commitment to providing subtitles on our On Demand service

Posted on: Thursday, July 9, 2015 by heloise heau

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Ian Rosarius, Director of Product Design and Development for Sky, updates us on their plan.


We understand the nature of TV has changed, as we offer more catch-up and on demand services, and that the accessibility of this content has not kept pace. We are absolutely determined to resolve this, and by summer 2016, all our customers will be able to watch the most popular and best Sky On Demand content, on their TV, with subtitles.
My team and others right across the business are working hard to achieve this. There have been and still are significant technical challenges to overcome when subtitling on demand content delivered over the internet but the good news is that work is well underway to address many of those challenges. Once this work is completed we’ll be able to subtitle far more Sky On Demand content, and, of course, our long term aim is for all of our content to be accessible to everybody. We have already made a great deal of progress where we can, with thousands of hours of subtitled content currently available in our Top Picks section delivered via the satellite signal.
Jamie pictureSky is committed to providing accessibility services and over the last few years, we have continued investing in this area. We currently provide subtitles on 90 per cent of content across 26 linear Sky channels. That content can also be recorded and played back with these services intact. We have a dedicated Accessible Customer Service team who have been providing specialised support for over ten years for what is now over 67,000 customers with access requirements. I’m pleased to note that we have just expanded the team and there are now over 160 specially-trained advisors. Customers can contact us via their preferred channel, whether it is e-mail, text phone, live chat or sign video relay. Our bespoke Accessibility website has a ‘What’s on TV’ section where customers can filter programmes by access service.

All this being said, we know there is more to do. And that’s why we are also working closely with Action on Hearing Loss, and value their expertise in helping us continue to make the TV experience better for people, like Jamie Danjoux, who have contacted us about subtitles on our on demand services and shared their experience with us.
There have been challenges, and there may well be more ahead but we are determined to make this happen. We will keep you updated on how we are progressing.

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