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      Why we changed our name

      In 2011, 100 years after we began, we changed our name to Action on Hearing Loss.

      Our new name shows how we’re working for a world where everyone confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss can live the life they choose.

      Evolution of our name

      Our charity was founded as the National Bureau for Promoting the General Welfare of the Deaf. In 1924, we renamed it The National Institute for the Deaf. In 1961 - our golden jubilee year - the Queen approved the addition of ‘Royal’ to our name and we became the Royal National Institute for the Deaf or RNID for short. Changing our name to Action on Hearing Loss makes it clear that, as we enter our second century, we still urgently need to reach those with hearing loss, those at risk of losing their hearing and those who don’t realise how isolating hearing loss can be.

      How our logo has evolved

      We changed our logo in 2015. Our new logo features a bold soundwave symbol that conveys the energy with which we go about our work today. The strapline shows that we are a national charity with more than one hundred years’ experience of supporting people with hearing loss.