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Campaigns in Wales

Campaigns in Wales

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Take action with us now! We’re running a number of campaigns which help raise awareness and improve the lives of people who are deaf or have a hearing loss. 

We’ve been working closely with the Welsh Government and partner organisations to improve the lives of people with hearing loss in Wales.

We need your support to raise awareness of these campaigns in your local community. There are various ways that you could help. If you’d like to join us and make a difference please get in touch!

Our current campaigns include:

Access to health

We’re calling on the Welsh Government and health boards to ensure people who are deaf or have hearing loss have full and equal access to health services in Wales. This should mean access to BSL interpreters if you need one, and alternative ways of booking appointments if communication by phone is difficult. We want to see full implementation of the All Wales Standards for communication and information for people with sensory loss.

Increasing Audiology support

We campaign to ensure people using audiology services in Wales get the support they need. We want to see all audiology referrals meet the Welsh national 14-week referral-to-treatment waiting time target.

Access to services

Let’s work together to improve access to services. A recent study in Wales showed that four fifths of people that took part believe their hearing loss or deafness made it harder for them to use services. We are funded by Welsh Government to gather the experiences of people with sensory loss in using public services in Wales – housing, social services and GP surgeries. The stories shared with us are being published in a series of best practice guides and used to improve public services.

Hearing matters

We’re calling on the Welsh Government to work with us to take a number of steps to improve the lives of people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus. This includes establishing a national screening programme to identify hearing loss amongst the older population.


People with tinnitus in Wales tell us that they don’t have the support they need to manage their condition and that GPs and the health services don’t do enough to support them. We need to change this by creating more effective support services, help people to manage their condition and raise awareness levels.

Dementia and hearing loss

We want to see better support for people who have dementia and hearing loss and ensure better, more appropriate care for people living in residential care homes. We are calling on care homes, Welsh Government and Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales to raise the standards of care for people with hearing loss and to better support people in care to manage their hearing loss.


As well as providing employment support for people who are deaf or have hearing loss, we campaign to change the attitudes of employers and to ensure Welsh Government and public services in Wales give equal opportunities to people who are deaf or have hearing loss in recruitment or training campaigns.

Wales All Party Group on Deaf Issues (APGDI)

We currently have representation at the Wales All Party Group on Deaf Issues. The group is made up of Assembly Members from the four parties, key stakeholders and representatives from organisations interested and involved in issues around deafness and hearing loss. The group meets quarterly and minutes from the group are published on our website.


Llyr Wilson-Price, Campaigns and Communications Officer
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