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Shaping the future

What should Action on Hearing Loss do in the future?

In 2017, Action on Hearing Loss will look ahead to the next five years. We will develop a new strategy. A strategy is a plan for the future. 

Strategy processes often use fancy language, but at the heart of what we are doing is trying to understand what the future is going to bring and then decide:
  • who will we work with and for?
  • what we are going to do?
  •  ­how we are going to do it?  

We want to know what people who are deaf, have tinnitus or hearing loss think and feel about this and what is most important to them. For example:  

  • their experiences­
  • their hopes and dreams
  • what they think Action on Hearing Loss should do to help 

We would really like to hear what you think and feel in, in the comments section below: 

  • Tell me about your personal experience of being deaf, having tinnitus or hearing loss? 
  •  If someone offers you support for your deafness, tinnitus or hearing loss, what do you find most helpful?  
  • What are the biggest barriers you face in daily life because of your deafness, tinnitus or hearing loss?  
  • What do you think Action on Hearing Loss should do to support people in the future? 
  • What would you like us to focus on?  
  • Examples of current campaigns include Working for Change and Subtitle It. What areas would you like us to campaign on in the future?  
  • How do you think technology could support you now and in the future?  
  • We currently fund biomedical research to improve hearing aids and cochlear implants, diagnose hearing loss better and to develop treatments to prevent hearing loss, to restore hearing and to silence tinnitus. Are these the right areas to focus on? Are we missing anything? 
  •  What can we do to encourage people to look after their hearing and to take action quickly if they start to lose their hearing?
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