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      Policy statements

      Our policy statements outline the challenges faced by people with hearing loss in different situations. This includes health settings, visiting the cinema, and accessing services more generally.

      The statements set out our views and make recommendations about what actions need to be taken to make improvements. They're based on a wide range of research, including findings from our annual membership survey and qualitative research with people with hearing loss.

      Throughout the statements, we use the term 'people with hearing loss' to refer to people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

      For further information, please contact our Information Line.

      Cafes, pubs, and restaurants can pose several challenges for people with hearing loss. Find out more information in our policy statement

      Our policy statements cover a wide range of services including broadcasting and telecommunications.

      People with hearing loss often face barriers to employment and at work. You can find out our views on employment here.

      Discover our position on many aspects of access to health services and social care for people with hearing loss.

      People with hearing loss can face numerous information and communication challenges when travelling on public transport. Read our policy statements on the topic here.