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      Hearing Check

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      Many people regularly have an eye test but never think about their ear health, despite statistics showing that 50% of people over 50 have hearing loss. Action on Hearing Loss Cymru is offering a free hearing check service at community events, information days and workplaces across Wales.

      Why have a hearing check?

      Research has shown that the earlier someone seeks assistance with their hearing loss the easier it is for the brain to adjust to a hearing aid – this is why it’s crucial to identify hearing loss as soon as possible.

      How does it work?

      Our team of volunteers go to your office, community group or other venue and carry out the hearing checks in a quiet room.

      The hearing check is a quick and easy first step. It is important to note that is not a full hearing test but it is a good indicator if you should go to your GP for further investigation.

      Using a hand held hearing screener in a quiet room, we play various tones into each ear.  The number of tones that you hear indicates your level of hearing. With your results our volunteers will be able to suggest the appropriate steps you should take.

      Our volunteers can also provide you with a wide range of information on hearing loss and tinnitus for yourself or for someone you know.

      If you would like a visit from our hearing check volunteers, please email, phone us on 02920 333 034 or textphone 02920 333 036.

      “Action on Hearing Loss Cymru’s team was fantastic and all the staff that had tests today have given nothing but positive feedback. They were quick to praise the volunteers for their professionalism, knowledge, ability and kindness throughout the day.” 
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